Sunday, 21 February 2016

SSB Interest Rate Estimates (Mar 16)

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SSB Rates for Feb1.09%1.12%1.92%2.44%
Avg SGS Yield for Jan1.09%1.12%1.94%2.44%
Avg SGS Yield for Feb (Todate)1.07%1.04%1.82%2.16%
Avg SGS Yield for Feb (Estimated)1.07%1.04%1.80%2.15%
Difference (Todate)-0.02%-0.08%-0.12%-0.28%
Difference (Estimated)-0.02%-0.08%-0.13%-0.29%

As the 1-Year SGS yield is higher than the 2-Year SGS yield, the 1-Year SSB interest rate will be set to be the same as the 2-Year SSB interest rate.

To compute a more updated estimate using the actual SGS yields after 19 Feb, you can refer to the SGS website for the daily SGS yields.

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  1. SBAPR16 is shaping up to be the worst SSB to date... 2.15% is really sad

    1. The current low SGS yields are due to investors fleeing risky assets into government bonds. When calm returns to the financial markets, the yields and SSB interest rates will rise again.