Thursday 8 August 2013

REIT Debt Maturity Profile

This table shows the debt maturity profile of REITs in terms of Debt as % of Equity. Also shown in the table are the all-in interest rate and interest cover. When a blank appears under a particular year, it means that there are no debts maturing in that year. For debts maturing in 2018 and beyond, they are consolidated and shown in the Column ">=2018". When a "See 2017" remark appears in the same column, it means that the REIT has debts maturing beyond 2017, but did not break them down into 2017, 2018, 2019, etc.

For REITs that report their debt maturity profiles using Financial Year (FY) instead of Calendar Year, the debt is shown in the second year, i.e. if a debt matures in FY13/14, the debt is shown in the year 2014. For such REITs, "FY" and their financial year end are indicated in the "Remarks" column.

Debt Maturity Profile of REITs

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